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Picture from Paranormal Animals of Europe

Proteles novalis Edytuj

The fortunately-rare Each Uisge (pronounced ekk-wizz-kee) is one of the few documented Faerie creatures. It is an aquatic mammal resembling a horse with a dark flowing mane, a pair of horns, four-toed front feet, and five-toed rear feet. Unlike other equines, they have sharp teeth and claws, and they are carnivores that feast exclusively on metahuman flesh. It does not eat troll flesh, and will eat ork flesh only when no other sources are available. They secrete a sticky, hydrophobic coating that acts as a powerful adhesive, preventing victims from escaping their grasp. The metahuman liver is poisonous to its metabolism, and typically it rips out the victim's liver and leaves it to float to the shore. They live on the shores throughout northern Europe, especially Scotland and Tir Na Nog.


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