The Draco Foundation (also DF) is a public or charitable trust established on 15 August 2057 following Dunkelzahn's Will on the purpose of executing the details of his will. It ought to be noted that the Foundation thus only controls the assets named in the will. The rest of Dunkelzahn's wealth was directly left to Nadja Daviar who, though she happens to be the chairperson of the Foundation, can use that part on her own behalf, without any control from the board (the only exception being the shares in Ares she inherited from the dragon, but under the terms of a separate article; in theory the DF's board has to oversee that she does apply the seven-year plan laid out by the dragon for these assets). The Foundation is not poor however, as it had the time to invest money left by the dragon and make profits over it before the bequests were to be claimed.

The foundation's headquarters are in Washington FDC, UCAS. It also possesses offices in Atlanta, Seattle, Denver, London, Hannover, Berlin, Hong Kong and some other places. Since 11 November 2057, the Foundation is only open to public on the 3rd of every month. This arrangement greatly facilitates the aforementioned investments, as the Foundation would only need to have cash reserves available on a single day each month.

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Dunkehlzahn Institute of Migical Research

>>>>>[Technically, the DIMR works under its own operational board with its own rules. Draco has no pwer over the DIMR and the DIMR equally has no power over Draco but the two organizations are cooperative.]<<<<<

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