20-548: Doc Wagon Team Edytuj

Price: $6.75
Figures: 3
Parts: 8
Overview: This set has more to it than three figures plus a stretcher. It represents three DocWagon™ employees, wearing full body suits of armor, going about their duty of saving clients. One of them is kneeling on the ground with a syringe in one hand, a kind of chainsaw in the other, and a whole medkit laid out around him (together with a SMG). The other two have identical bodies, but a choice of arms: either carrying a stretcher (as in the photo), or one of them carrying a large shotgun with two hands and the other having an SMG in one hand and a medkit in the other. Detail is good on these figures, down to the molded-in DocWagon and HTR (High Threat Response) logos on their clothing; the sitting figure is the better one of the pack, though. This set goes together neatly with the next kit, of a DocWagon ambulance.

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