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7124: Cyberpirates! (1997) Edytuj

Product Code: FAS 7124
Released: November 1997
Autorzy: Chris Hepler, Jennifer Brandes;
Additional writing: Jon Szeto, Michael Mulvihill ISBN 1-55560-301-7

Pages: 184 + 8 color
Status/Availability: in print/common
Sections: Introduction, Not A Shadow In Sight, A World Of Piracy, The Swashbucklers Of The Caribbean, The Rebel Pirates Of The Philippines, The Smugglers Of The Gold And Ivory Coasts, Long Haul Piracy And The Pirate Island, The Cost Of Living On The Sea, Game Information, Underwater Adventuring, Ship Rules, Equipment, Index
Overview: Shadowrun takes a whole new direction with this book, namely that of piracy and smuggling over sea. Cyberpirates! is part location sourcebook and part background; starting with the former, the areas described in reasonable detail are the Caribbean (dashing pirates trying to combine style and substance), the Philippines (rebels using piracy to finance their fight against the Japanese oppressor), the Gold and Ivory Coasts of Africa (pirates who are in this business because it's the only way to stay alive), and Madagascar (a huge island with pirates along the shores and nobody-knows-what in the interior). All these are described in the usual Shadowrun style of text with comments in-between the regular paragraphs, and offer interesting locations to either visit or base a pirate campaign out of.
That brings us to the second purpose of the book, namely to give ideas for an alternate type of Shadowrun campaign, where the player characters are pirates who fend for themselves rather than working for any Mr. Johnson who pays enough. This is a completely different type of game from the normal type, and could make a very interesting campaign. The last chapters of the book have rules dealing with most situations that piracy adventures would need, such as swimming and diving, expanded vehicle rules for ships (based on those in Rigger 2), game stats for ships and ship-mounted weapons, additional personal equipment, and more. (Unfortunately, ship construction rules are not included, though.) Further rules deal with the areas described, and have things like new critters, special magic rules, and other additions to the basic rules.
This is a book I personally like, even though I haven't used it in my campaign yet due to that being set in Seattle. If you're looking for a way to play Shadowrun that's different from the norm, Cyberpirates! on is well worth looking into.
Similar Products: none
Survey Rating: 7.2 (21 votes)

Take your shadowrunner out of the urban sprawl's mean streets and into the even meaner waterways of the world. Cyberpirates offers you a whole new realm to play in ... the world of smugglers and pirates. Become a swashbuckling, risk-taking Caribbean League pirate or earn big money helping the corps exploit Africa's Ivory Coast. Or team up with a dragon to help free the Philippines from the grip of Imperial Japan. Cyberpirates offers colorful and detailed descriptions of piracy and smuggling in the Caribbean, the Philippines and the West Coast of Africa, plus a portrait of the smuggling biz around the world. It also includes rules for underwater exploration, ship operations and combat, and loads of new toys.

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