-Vernon Prudhomme, a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, hires a group of motorcycle daredevils and stages a game involving motorcycles, stunt riding, padded clubs, and "paintball" guns as a publicity gimmick for his speedway business. The game is broadcast over radio and T.V. and becomes quite popular. Prudhomme jokes about starting a "Combat Cyclists League."

-Soon after Prudhomme's exhibition, a go-gang called the Maulers show up. Calling themselves a Combat Biker team, they violently defeat Prudhomme's stunt riders. The Mauler's leader, Charles "Mangler" Patterson tells Prudhomme that for a modest payment they will stay away.

-Prudhomme hires a rival go-gang, gives them uniforms unpadded weapons, and riot weapons firing plastic ammo, and names them the Red Devils. When the Maulers show up again the Red Devils soundly defeat them. Strangely enough, for the first hour the game stays within the rules (for the most part). The story makes huge ratings on the national news.


-Sześc zespołów zaczyna grac zawodowo w grze Combat Biker. Rozgrywki są transmitowane przez ogólnokrajową telewizję.


-Gubernator Kross zostaje zastąpiony przez Victora "Szybkiego Vic-a" Allensona, byłego gracza combat biker z zespołu Tacoma Timberwolves. Ogólnie wiadomo, że Allenson niezbyt ceni metaludzi, co okazał podczas jednego wywiadu w trideo, gdy powiedział: , "orki i trolle to świetni gracze ofensywni w combat bikers ale obawiam się, że ich ich mózgi nie nadają się do niczego innego."

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