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  • Leader: Kyu
  • Territory: Downtown Seattle waterfront
  • Symbol: A red and blue yin-yang symbol, like the one on the Korean flag.

The Choson Ring concentrates its efforts on smuggling operations along Seattle’s dockyards, particularly in the Downtown and Everett districts. It picked up a lot of smuggling business that used to belong to the Cutters. A Korean man named Kyu runs the Ring—he survived the yakuza purge of Koreans from their ranks in 2044. Kyu has three lieutenants: An Soo, who handles the Ring’s records and computer systems; Jung-mo, in charge of logistics and shipping; and Danny Cho, the Choson’s face-man, who arranges meetings and talks to clients.

The Choson Ring hates the yakuza and are fighting with the yakuza-backed First Nations gang. This conflict is most likely the source of Kyu’s dislike of Native Americans, who aren’t allowed to join the Ring.

>>>>>[The Choson Ring practices some brutal initiation rites. Kyu is paranoid about spies and infiltrators, so prospective members of the Ring must pledge their undying loyalty under agonizing torture.]<<<<<

Choson Seoulpa Ring Edytuj

The Choson Ring is based in the Seattle dockyards in Downtown and Everett. Their main activity is smuggling and as such they are in a turf war against the First Nations gang. The Ring also hates the Yakuza. For further details see New Seattle p.104.
Position Race B Q S W I C Reaction Initiative Essence Bio Index
Ring Member Human 5 5 6 4 6 3 10 3D6 2.8 5.8

  • Pro Rating: 3
  • Dice Pools: Combat: 9
  • Active Skills

Pistols/Submachine Guns/Shotguns/Assault Rifles: 6, Heavy Weapons/Launch Weapons: 5, Edged Weapons/Pole Arms/Staffs: 6, Unarmed Combat: 4, any vehicle: 4, Etiquette(Underworld)(Street): 3(5)(7)

  • Cyberware:

All members have a Smartlink 2, Wired Reflexes Level 2 (Alpha), Flare Compensation and Thermographic Vision

  • Equipment

The members are armed with an assortment of weapons, with the members having the appropriate skills for their particular weapon choice from those indicated above. Members wear a variety of street level armour (clothing, jackets, vests etc.)

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