Challenge Magazine Index for Shadowrun

Challenge Magazine was published by GDW before its demise (1995). The magazine supported the science fiction gaming community with articles written for a multitude of RPG systems. The following articles are listed by issue number & title:

I# Title
44 Squeeze Play (Fiction)
44 Shadow Tiger
45 Donut Run
45 New on the Street
46 Quicksilver Sayonara (Fiction)
46 The Quick and the Undead
47 Digital Grace (Fiction)
48 In the Name of Finland
50 Numberunner (Fiction)
51 Damsel in Distress
53 Maiden Run
54 A Dark and Cyber Night
55 Nature Spirits
56 Fast Cash
57 An Arm and a Leg
58 Streets on Fire
59.5 Law Enforcers
60 Vampires!
61 Machines in thhe Shadows
62 Fair Game (Fiction)

63 Fair Game (Fiction)

64 Live Bait
65 Freshly Kilt
66 Short takes
67 Nega-Magicians
68 Zoned Out
68 New Shamanic Totems
69 Who's On First
70 Secret Agent
70 Assassin Archetype
71 Half the Attitude
71 Thief Archetype
72 Prey for Death
72 Physical Adept Archetype
73 Vampire Hunter Archetype
74 The Deep Blue Seize
74 Spy Archetype
76 Long Arm of the Sprawl
76 Magical Thief Archetype
77 New York City Subways, 2054

Short stories:

Numberunner Challenge #50 (May/Jun 1991)
Fair Game Challenge #63 (Aug 1992)

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