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The Centaur (Equus sagittarius) has been gene-typed to the Equus horse family, but debate continues as to both the origins of the Centaur and its sentience. Like the Centaurs of myth, the lower half resembles that of a large horse, but the upper half resembles a humanoid with humanoid arms ending in three-fingered hands with opposable thumbs. They are native to Greece, Macedonia, and southern Albania. They are uniquely sensitive to magic, and can easily search for things within their native environment, suggesting an extrasensory perception of sorts. They display advanced social structure and behavior, and even rudiments of language and tool-usage, suggesting that they are a sentient species.

Milo Czerda is a Centaur on the board of the Draco Foundation, and represents living proof that Centaurs, or at least, Centaur-like creatures are sentient. Dunkelzahn was well-known for having Centaurs guarding his Lake Louise lair.

The centaur is half-horse, half-primate, standing roughly 2 meters tall at the shoulder and weighing an average of 300 kilograms. It moves on its four horse legs and has a pair of powerfully muscled arms ending in three-fingered hands with opposable thumbs. Their degree of intelligence remains open to debate, but they are known to make and use rough tools and weapons. Centaurs have excellent night vision; they rarely attack unless provoked.

4 x 5


INIT: 4 + 2D6
Attacks: 6S, +1 Reach
Powers: Enhanced Senses (Low-Light Vision, Thermographic Vision), Magic Sense, Search

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20-539 CentaurEdytuj

Author: G. Valley
Publish Date: 1991

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