Evergreen Way and Route 526

Casino Corner is a collection of gambling houses in central Everett, just outside Federated-Boeing territory. The Corner is also home to many nightclubs and “hospitality houses,” where customers can find whatever companionship they might desire for an evening. While the individual businesses in Casino Corner can’t hold a candle to opulent joints like the Gates, together they offer a buffet of entertainment options that lure hundreds of people to wander up and down the strip at all hours to sample the different nightspots.

Casino Corner is the stronghold of the Everett Mafia, run by the Ciarniello Family, which uses the casinos and clubs to launder money earned in other operations. The yakuza repeatedly attempt to carve out a slice of the action in the Corner, but the Mafia ruthlessly defends its territory.

> The yakuza got a foothold by starting up a bunrakubrothel just south of Casino Corner. The Mafia want to shut it down or take it for themselves, but the yaks are playing their cards close to the chest. I know chummers who’ve earned good cred selling information to Don Ciarniello about yak operations in his territory.

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