Położenie: 3165 NE 60th Street, Redmond
LTG#: 11206 (63-2578)
Vice President in charge of Seattle Operations: Fidelino Lawrenz

Carnation Seattle, the nation's largest dairy company, owns and operates a major dairy ranch on land that straddles Seattle's border with the Council lands. This is possible because of the company's good relations with the Salish-Shidhe. (The Vice President's daughter, Barbara Lawrenz is married to Roger Snowfield, a Tyee of one of the local tribes.) The ranch employs company dairymen and Salish ranchers. According to an agreement between Carnation-Seattle and the Council, all but those employees living on the far outskirts of the sprawl must return to the city every night. Numerous heliports facilitate this transportation.

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