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Carl Preston
Order: 3/48th President
Term of Office: 2041 - 2049
Predecessor: Martin Vincenzo
Successor: Alan Adams
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Date of Death:
Place of Death:
First Lady:
Political Party:
Vice President:

Carl Preston was the 3rd President of the UCAS and the 48th President of the Union, holding office from 20 January 2041 to 20 January 2049. He won the the 2040 Presidential Election following the example of the Vincenzo-Washington winning bipartite ticket of 2036.

Preston' first mandate was marked by the international ratification in 2042 of the Business Recognition Accords. It is likely the Corporate Court wouldn't have proposed the accords without the certainty that leading economy, Japan and UCAS, would ratify them.

His reelection in the 2044 Presidential Election was not compromised, and might actually have been helped, by the scandal involving CIA clandestine activities to undermines the Sioux and Pueblo. Electors hostile to the NAN viewed favorably the action, other welcomed Preston's decision to fire DCI William Sessions III, replacing him by Steven Coe-Bowling. Preston's second term had tense periods in relations with the Sioux.

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