Cyco Circuits - korporacja. Więcej inbformacji w Kage

Home Office Location: Seattle, UCAS

President/CEO: William Schaefferkotter

Divisions: Edytuj

Marketing/Sales Director: Stanley McCandless Production: Director (position empty) Research and Development: Director William Tall Mage

Business Profile: CYCO Circuits firt appeared on the cicuit scene in 2037. Since our introduction, CYCO has attained a market share disporporionate to its size, designing circuits and components for such major manufacturers as Federated Boeing, Trideo Visions, and Group R Broadcasting Network (GRBN). For our own manufacture and sale, CYCO produces a wide variety of matrix accessories, with ever popular CYCO Matrix Plus Systems leading the pack. Income has increased steadily, despite massive diversification, and CYCO stockholders have enjoyed an 8% dividend the last three years. This return puts Cyco far ahead of other, "larger" information corporations. The recent release of the complete CYCO cyberdeck line ensures that the realm of the matrix will become, even more so than before, the realm of the CC customer. Remember, "In the matrix, you go CYCO, or you go crazy."

Security/Military Forces: CYCO Circuits normally maintains a small, but well trained, core security force, which can be supplmemented by sub-contracted personnel. Since the increase in demand for CC product and stock, company security has grown. The efficient, highly trained personnel have had an excellent record in protecting the corporate holdingd from industrial espionage as well as street gang violence.

Corporation Headquarters: Location: The administrative offices are located at 12th and Jefferson in downtown Seattle. The main compound (support offices and manufacturing) are right across the street at 12th and Remington. The two buildings were built on the sites of derelict buildings destroyed during the downtown beautification program. Both are nine stories and are now connec ted to each other by skywalks running over the now shut down Remington Street (both ends have been closed, trees planted and now called The Remington Commons.) There are six skywalks in all, located in pairs on the third, sixth, and ninth floors. Though not nearly as large as the Renraku Arcology or the Aztechnology Complex, the CYCO Circuits complex certainly does not take a back seat in attractiveness. The entire complex give a viewer the appearance of circuit boards when looking at the green mirror-ized glass upon which is stenciled the silver CYCO Circuits logo.

Products: In addition to the designing components for everything from trideo receivers to aero space guidance systems, CYCO Circuits produce its own line of matrix nodes, a line of cyberdecks, and replacement/upgrade componetns for cyberdecks and terminals.

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