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Picture from Paranormal Animals of Europe

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The Burrowing Beaver is the largest native European rodent, measuring 1.4 meters long with a tail of approximately 70 centimeters and weighing 40 kilos. It is the Awakened form of the common European beaver (Castor fiber), although some pockets have gene typing that matches closely with imported Canadian beaver species (Castor canadensis). Burrowing beavers live in extended family groups of up to 50 individuals, and they tend to dwell in either standard beaver lodges or the environment of its namesake, burrowing into tunnel complexes along the banks of rivers, lakes, and fjords. Some nations have a small bounty on the Burrowing Beaver for the danger it presents to shoreline fishing and coastal settlements. They generally are found in Norway, Sweden, and the Rhone and Elbe valleys in Germany, as well as pockets in central Russia.

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