{{tran)) Położenie: Brier Road and 236th Street SW, Snohomish
LTG#: 17206 (28-2382)
Menadżer: Elling Retzer
Uprzedzenia: Przeciwko Orkom i Trollom.

>>>>>[The Brier is a faded, acid eaten relic that has managed to survive on its dilapidated charm for almost a century. Instead of dying gracefully, it has become the center of a bitter dispute between the two Keslynn sisters, co-owners of the hotel, Margaret Keslynn wants to keep the hotel just as it is, while her sister Sarah wants to renovate the building and put it up for sale as soon as possible. Rumors say Sarah is in with the Mafia and they have been trying to strongarm Margaret into giving up her half of the hotel to Sarah.]<<<<<

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