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See also: Brackhaven Investments

Kenneth Brackhaven is best known for his run as Presidential candidate under the Archconservative Party for the UCAS Presidential Election 2057. He came in at a close second to Dunkelzahn.

Kenneth Brackhaven was born in 2011. His mother died of complications as a result of his birth. His father, Charles Brackhaven, lavished his son with every luxury, while casting a critical eye on his son as unworthy of the "sacrifice" made by his mother. In 2023, Kenneth goblinized into an ork. Amazingly, shortly thereafter, the boy Kenneth went into a remission and recovered virtually unchanged, after Charles Brackhaven bought the best specialists and doctors to "cure" him of his condition. Kenneth Brackhaven went to Pacific State University, graduating with a bachelor's degree in marketing. He earned his MBA at the Harvard Business School, then went to work in the family investments business. When Charles passed away in 2044, Kenneth Brackhaven stepped up to take over the family business. He invested many resources into politics, through his fundraising and lobbying organization the Citizen's Coalition for Security (CCFS), and became a powerful voice on many political issues, with a distinct anti-metahuman bias. This political influence culminated in his running for UCAS president in 2057.

Kenneth's uncle, Karl Brackhaven, is the head of the Seattle chapter of the Humanis Policlub.

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