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The Blackberry Cat is the same size as a regular housecat, but more robust, with a typical body weight of 15 kilograms. It is jet black, with sometimes a slight tawny tone at the tips in sunlight, and it walks with its long feathery tail erect. While their diet and behavior resembles that of regular housecats, they display extraordinary intelligence, alertness, and cunning. It is nearly impossibly to surprise, trap, or capture one, although like normal cats, they find catnip to be irresistable. There is debate among paranaturalists whether or not the Blackberry cat is an Awakened housecat, or another entity entirely, one of the so-called faerie entities. Blackberry cats are given the same superstitions as black cats, and it is generally considered bad luck to have one cross your path. Some places in Europe burn all black cats, for fear of coming under the ire of the Blackberry Cat. They can be found all over Europe.

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