Przywódcy:King Osei Agyemang
Populacja:1,000,000 (cp.111)

Racial Breakdown Legend (generalized from cp.150)

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PKB (na głowę ¥):Unknown
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Waluta:Nuyen (¥)
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Vital Statistics Edytuj

  • Languages—Twi-Fanti (p 94)

History Edytuj

  • 2025—Asante Nation was the only West African nation with the domestic stability to respond and apply for recognition as a country to the United States Global Economics Task Force.
  • 2026—The United Nations recognizes the Asante Nation, and Asante Nation opens its borders for trade.
  • 2038—Asante Nation goes “online,” developing a Matrix infrastructure.

Politics Edytuj

Asante Nation is one of the few places in Africa that doesn’t have shifting borders, due to its recognition by world governments through the United Nations. It is a hereditary monarchy, ruled by King Osei Agyemang. Laws in the Asante Nation are described as “draconian,” with even the most minor of crimes punished by beating, maiming, or death.

Geography Edytuj

The Asante Nation encompasses the mouth of the Volta river, going west through Greater Accra.

Major Cities Edytuj

Economy Edytuj

Asante Nation’s economy consists mostly of light industry, with factories that refine sugar, coffee, and cocoa, as well as steel, aluminum, gold, and plastics. They are one of the few places in Africa with an active Matrix. Asanti is notable for not having much of a corporate influence, due to the hardline stance of the government against them.

Corporate Presence

  • None (cp.111)

References Edytuj

Primary source: Cyberpirates, pp 99-100, 111.

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This page forked from Wordman’s The Sixth World: A geographical index to the world of Shadowrun.

English language Anglojęzyczne hasło na Sixth World Wiki : Asante_Nation

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